12 Important Google URLs that Every Google Users Should Know

We all use Google for searching various things and most of us also use Android based phones. How many people knows what user activity does Google actually records? You will be amazed to hear about the tracking which Google does on your account.

  • Tracks the Places you visit and stores that information.
  • Google knows your interests basically, helps in displaying the relevant ads for you.
  • Google keeps track of your YouTube history data
  • Google keeps track of every word which you have typed in the search box and will be stored as the search history
  • Google maintains a dashboard which provides a monthly report on every activity that is listed above.

12 Important Google Links

Google keeps most of its important URL’s very private and it will not be displayed everywhere. But you could easily Login to google and verify most of the things. Here are some of the important Google URLs worth knowing.

#1. Google Ads

Google keeps tracks of every site you visit and maintains a separate profile in which it records various information like Gender, Age, Location, Interests. This information will help Google to serve a right ad for you always. Hence you always see the relevant ads whatever site you browse. Use the below URL to verify your Ad profile details


#2. Google Passwords

Google stores all the username and passwords that you have typed in the Google chrome and the Android phone browsers for logging into various websites. Google maintains these in a separate website where you could view the usernames and passwords in a plain text. To verify the details of the stored username and passwords use the below URL.


#3. Create Gmail ID with Existing Email Address

Usually, when you try to signup in the Gmail you always end up creating the username or email ending with username@gmail.com. But use the link provided below and you could easily create a Gmail using your existing email ID. The new GMAIL account will be same as your existing email address.


#4. Google Security

If you ever feel that someone is spying or hacked your account you don’t have to worry. There is an easy way to find out who has logged into your account now. If you ever feel that your account is compromised visit the below URL. It will show you the complete details of the last 10 login details with IP address, Geographic location, Device name, Currently active or not etc.


#5. Google Search History

Google tracks every keyword you have typed in the search box. The do keep track of every keyword, image search, news, developers data etc with date and time. It also stores the voice search history if you have used it in Google Now or in the Google Voice. You could get the complete activity of your account by visiting the below URL.

history.google.com (Google searches)

history.google.com/history/audio (Voice searches)

#6. YouTube History

Google maintains the history of the videos you have watched on YouTube. If you ever wish to check out the history visit the below URL and trace down the history details. You could pause the history, resume the paused history or completely wipe out the history.

youtube.com/feed/history (YouTube searches and watched videos)

#7. DCMA Complaint

If you ever feel that someone is copying your content or if you see your content on any other sites then you could raise a DCMA complaint with Google to take down that URL in the search results. Google will ask you few questions in the wizard and you have to give enough data to prove that content is original and belongs to you. They will validate and remove those links from their search results.


#8. Google Data Export

If you want to export any of the data from Google like Images, Videos, Gmail Messages etc then you could easily export those data into the archive and download it into your local system. Check out the Google Takeout link listed below for more details


#9. Locate your Android Phone

Have you kept your phone in silent mode and forgot the location of your phone? Do not worry if your phone is connected to internet Login to Google Device manager and Click on the Ring button. This will ring your phone at the maximum volume continuously for 5 mins. It will also display the Location of your phone in the maps.


#10. Erase your phone remotely

If you have lost the android phone and if you have very important data on the phone then you could log in to Android device manager from the browser and wipe out the complete data of your phone and lock the phone.


#11. Location History

Want to know where and all you have traveled every day? If you have Android phone with you during traveling then Google is silently recording the complete location track. Of course, you need to enable the GPS mode for this. Check out the timeline details by visiting below URL.


#12. Google Dashboard

If you would like to know the complete details of your Google account then the best place is to visit the Google Dashboard. It gives you the insight of every Google apps which you are using with the complete history and the details of it. You could set the monthly reminder, change the privacy settings, disable and enable the stuff you need here.


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