How to Clear Facebook Open Graph Cache

We all use Facebook “og” tags to share the article on the Facebook social media. Facebook will cache the images, titles, meta description of every URL. So if you have to change the title, image, or description on your web page it won’t be reflected immediately on the FB social share. So How to Clear Facebook Open Graph Cache?

How to Clear Facebook Open Graph Cache

For Non-Developers

Follow these simple steps and clear the Facebook open graph cache manually. You don’t have to be a developer to use this method.

#1. Visit the Facebook Debugger URL

#2. Select the OG URL from your website and paste the same URL in the input URL textbox.

#3. Click on the Fetch new Scrap information button to fetch the latest OG data from your web page.

How to Clear Facebook Open Graph Cache
How to Clear Facebook Open Graph Cache

Other Alternate option

#1. Go to 

#2. Enter the URL following by fbrefresh=CAN_BE_ANYTHING

#3. Pass the OG:URL in the fbrefresh query string.





For Developers

#1. If you are a developer and using this programmatically then make a GET request to the URL[YOUR_URL_HERE]&scrape=true

#2. Make sure that you have passed the right URL which you have mentioned in the web page as og:url tag.

#3. You will receive the JSON response once the new scraping is done.


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