How to Disable Facebook Live Notifications

Facebook has come up with a very great feature called as “Facebook Live”. It allows users to Live streaming their video and broadcast to every friends and follower in their profile. Although it seems great features for the people who likes to broadcast the video to their friends but for few people it might be an annoying notification when they start streaming video. So How to Disable Facebook Live Notifications?

Unlike photo or any other updates from your friends would come in the News Feed of the Home page and the notifications will be sent only if you are tagged in the photo or in the updates. But with the video Facebook has not thought that and they send a notification to every followers and friend. Just think if you are following Yahoo or Microsoft and they keep the broadcasting the video very often. So it will be annoying to receive notification for every broadcast from every follower and friend.

How to Disable Facebook Live Notifications?

When Facebook released this feature there was no option to disable this feature. However recently Facebook has provided an option where we can disable this annoying feature now.

Step 1: Login to Facebook and Click on Settings from the Right hand Navigation Bar.

How to Disable Facebook Live Notifications

Step 2: Click on the Notification in the Left-hand side menu.

Turn Off Facebook Live Notification

Step 3: In the Notification menu Click on the Edit link which is next to “On Facebook” which is at the top of the list.

On Facebook Notification

Step 4: Scroll down until you find the option which says “Live Videos“. Mostly you will find this near to the bottom. Click on the drop-down box on the right-hand side beside “Live Videos” and change it to All off.

Facebook Live Video Disable

That’s it. You have successfully turned off the Facebook Live Notifcations for Video streaming. The changes will take effect immediately.

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