Increase Trust Flow and Citation Flow Quickly for any website

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6 Responses

  1. It is really a different article, great and a really helpful article , i just visited majestic website. thanks for such information.

  2. Informative post about two different kinds of flow. But I want to ask you a question which is which one is important for a good website? Flow or SEO? Please let me know and thanks for sharing.

    • Srinivas says:

      I would say both are important and it’s interdependent on each other. Concentrate on both SEO and increasing the trust flow of your website to perform better in search engine rankings.

  3. Henry says:

    We have seen sites with high DA and low TF so there is something that make them both different.

    • Srinivas says:

      Moz and Majestic use a different mechanism of crawling and calculating metrics. Hence, you could see some difference in DA and TF. But the most common thing in both is having high-quality links from authority sites. This is one technique to easily increase Domain Authority and Trust flow Quickly.

  4. Tom says:

    Whats the reason that many backlinks do not appear in Majestic? Is there away to make “majestic” to see all the backlinks i know exist to my website ?

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